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Ionisation Chamber Smoke Detectors

These detectors respond very quickly to smoke composed of very small particles. They respond appreciably slower to the dense smoke composed of large particles. When smoke is introduced into the sampling chamber, the potential of the collector increases. If the collector potential increase exceeds a preset level, the detector signals an alarm condition to the control equipment.

Heat Detectors

Heat detectors are normally used where both fire and material values are low or where detectors cannot be used in the system. Heat detectors can provide an acceptable though less  sensitive alternative. Three types are available which are the Rate of Rise detector, the Fixed Temperature detector and the Line Type detector.

Optical Beam Detectors

Optical beam detectors consist of a Transmitter and a Receiver. They are placed 10 to 100 metres apart. This type of detector is specifically designed for large open-type areas such as warehouses. Where the installation of other detectors would be difficult. The transmitter unit projects a infra-red light beam directly at the receiver unit. The receiver unit converts the received light beam into a signal which is continuously monitored by the detector. If fire breaks out in an area protected by these detectors, smoke particles rising upward interrupt or partly deflect the light beam thus reducing the strength of beam received by the receiver unit.

Aspirating Detectors

Each detector includes a small pump which draws samples of the room air through a tube into a detector element. The detector provides a number of outputs, each of which relate to a different density of smoke contained in the air being sampled. It is normal practice to monitor at least two outputs from each detector, one can indicate that smoke is present in the air and the other that fire is present.

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